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XXI. Seminary ASR´98


The Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation at VSB - The Technical University of Ostrava

SmS VTSaP, The Committee of Applied Cybernetics and Informatics, Ostrava

DAAAM - Danube Adria Association for Automation and Metrology - Czech Republic

Czech Natioanal Committee IMECO

The contents of the page

The contents of the page:

About the Seminary

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Schedule of the XXI. Seminary ASŘ´98 on May 21.-22., 1998

Competition STOČ'98 on May 21., 1998

800-900 Presentation of Participants for the STOČ'98 competition - Audiovisual room No. J259
900 STOČ'98 Opening
915-1230 Morning Specialist Program - STOČ Competition (4 sections)
1230-1300 Noon Break
1300-1630 Afternoon Specialist Program

Seminary ASŘ'98 on May 22, 1998

800-900 Presentation of Participants for Seminary ASŘ'98 - Audiovisual room No. J259
900 Seminary Opening
930-1045 Morning Program, Session B1
1045-1100 Coffee Break, Posters Presentation
1100-1300 Morning Program, Session B2
1300-1345 Noon Break
1345-1500 Afternoon Program, Session B3
1500-1515 Coffee Break
1515-1645 Afternoon Program, Session B4
1645-1700 Seminary Closing

List of Papers

List of Posters

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Instructions to the organization

  1. ASŘ´98 Seminary will be held in two parts - on May 21., 1998 as a students' competition STOČ and on May 22., 1998 as Seminary ASŘ´98 in Audiovisual Classroom No. J259 on VŠB campus in Ostrava, ul. 17. listopadu, Ostrava - Poruba.
  2. Participant's Seminary fee:
    Fee (costs connected with organizing the event) 290,- Kč
    Book of Contributions (printed list of annotations + a complete book on a 3.5" HD disk) 200,- Kč
    Total cost 490,- Kč

    For this price we offer:

    Participation on interesting lessonsbreaks with refreshmentscomplete book of contributions on disksprinted list of annotationscontacts with interesting people
  3. Instructions on where to pay : bank account č.ú. 2701251-768/0800 of ČSPO Ostrava-Poruba, konst. symbol 0308, variab. symbol 496 (it will be for KAKI, SMS - branch 159, Ostrava).
  4. Those contributions recommended by the Seminary program committee and only those from participants who have paid will be placed in the book of contributions.
  5. The electronic book of contributions will be converted into HTML format and worked out for presentation in Internet network environment, then it will be available from the web page. The look of the contribution after its conversion (without other interventions) into HTML format is documented by the text of the template.
  6. Please, use the Internet (E-mail), to communicate with the organisation committee of the conference and to send the documents.

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Initial invitations made for the Seminary February 23., 1998
Closing of contribution applications March 27., 1998
Verification of contribution acceptance April 5., 1998
Closing of annotations and contributions sent April 30., 1998
Payment of participation fees April 30., 1998
STOČ'98 Competition May 21., 1998
ASŘ'98 Seminary May 22., 1998

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International program committee

National program committee

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