ICEE '99 Conference,
Technical University of Ostrava,
August 10 - 12, 1999
Czech Technical University in Prague,
August 13 - 14, 1999


Dear Participants,

You are about to consider ICEE'99 final update. As a representative of VSB- Technical University of Ostrava, I would like to invite you once more to participate in this international engineering education event.

Prof. Dr. Vaclav Roubicek, RectorWe fully appreciate the fact that it is going to take place in the Czech Republic for the first time, being organised by major higher education institutions in the Czech Republic, VSB- Technical University of Ostrava, and Czech Technical University in Prague.

For Technical University of Ostrava, ICEE'99 represents one of the main events within their 150th Anniversary Celebrations.

I would like to express my conviction that the academic and executive staff of my University has attended to both the professional and accompanying programme of the Conference with the utmost possible care and enthusiasm. A lot of substantial action, as well as a range of cultural and social events on the VSB- TUO Campus awaits your kind concern and interest. You will have a possibility to appreciate the landscape and architectural beauties of this country, and places of its ancient history. The Conference will continue on the premises of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Interesting accompanying measures are planned to take place also there and you will have a unique chance to relish magnificence of a city which our civilisation can be proud of.

The ICEE'99 will represent an opportunity for fruitful encounter of various cultures, and an occasion for discussing the future development of engineering education in the world. I am quite positive that each of you can find a thing of interest in this enterprise. Something which may be not only a substantial professional experience, but also meaningful social contact, and personal enrichment.


My friends,

I am looking forward to meeting you at ICEE'99 in Ostrava and Prague.


Prof. Dr. Vaclav Roubicek, Rector

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